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On the Go Fun

Mercedes Delgado

As a mobile speech therapist I have a ton of On the Go activities. I’m always looking for activities I can keep in my car and tote bag. They also come in very handy when we travel to visit family. I wanted to share my favorite On the Go activities with you and hope you find them helpful for therapy or with your own children during holiday travels.

(This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you click through my referral link I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you.)

Melissa & Doug Felt Friends Craft Activity Set

Who doesn’t love Melissa & Doug! Throughout the years I have filled my therapy closet with their activity pads and puzzles! This felt craft activity is small and perfect for traveling in the car or on an airplane. It encourages creativity, targets following directions, and increases visual spatial skills.

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads

There is so much language that can be targeted with these handy and reusable sticker pads. I love that they come in a variety of themes, from Farm, Jungle, and Ocean animals, to Play House, My Town, and Dinosaurs. You can use them to teach nouns, action words, categories, prepositions, and storytelling. I love to always keep a set for boys and girls in my therapy bag. My daughters love to create scenes with the Playhouse, Farm, and My Town pads.

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Activity Set

My oldest daughter received this Crayola Coloring Set for Christmas last year. It has kept her occupied for hours and has also become a favorite activity for young patients during my therapy sessions. I love that the markers included in this set are mess free and only work when coloring on Color Wonder Paper. You don’t have to worry about furniture, walls, or clothes getting damaged. But my favorite part are the animal stamps included in this set. You can do so much with these little stamps. You can work on identifying and requesting colors, expanding utterances, such as "blue bird, brown monkey, green frog", and creating scenes for story telling. Once you run out of pages, you can purchase blank Color Wonder Paper or buy a booklet with your child’s favorite character.

Bendon’s Create-A-Face Sticker Books

Are you looking for another way to target basic body parts aside from Mr. Potato Head? These sticker books are a great alternative. Bendon has a variety of themes, from Wacky Faces, Kooky Pirates, Princesses, Animals, and Sesame Street characters. We also love drawing our own heads and bodies and using the stickers to complete the face.

Barbie Club Chelsea Treehouse Playset

This little treehouse might not be small enough to use while traveling in a car, but it has come in handy in hotel rooms or while staying in other people’s homes. This compact treehouse includes a Chelsea doll, puppy, table and two chairs, small food, dress up masks, a slide, a swing, and a telescope. You can work on naming and requesting household and playground items, action words, and prepositions. You can work on basic questions such as "Where is Puppy? What is Chelsea eating?" and prepositional phrases such as "She goes down the slide, puppy is under the tree". I love to pair this little treehouse with other small toys and create more opportunities for learning through play.

The Chelsea Treehouse is also small enough to fit in a toddler’s backpack, like this Stephen Joseph’s Mini SideKick Backpack.

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